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Delicia, Delicia

Obsessing over this song. It’s sung by a Brazilian artist, Michel Telo. The song is so catchy as is the dance.

 This is one of the songs that should be on your summer mix, for by the pool, in the car, pretending you’re brazilian and having a sing-a-long! At work, after the store is closed we always blast latin american music- our forbidden fruit during our laborous hours- and this is definitely a store favorite!

now that finals are over..

hi guys.

ignore my serious face! Ah!

I really loved this outfit- transitional & casual. I could wear it any season really. It’s just perfect for a late night dinner or drinks. I wore this for the last weekend I was in NYC- now I’m back in Charlotte for a month or two until I head back for good! 

I’m working on this  film project that should be ready in about two weeks or so, and I’m really really excited about it. Wahooooo. Fashion and film. These are a few of my fav-or-ite things!

Lay(er) it on me.

Mixing different textures and getting the feel of all these different fabrics in my wardrobe is a really enjoyable part of getting dressed everyday. 

Today, denim on chiffon on ____? I’m not sure what this fabric is called, but the way its made gives an effect of lifting up at the edges. Also making its first appearance, my DIY lace inset denim jacket! Wahoo!

In this kingdom by the sea.

Manhattan was teased by hints of summer the past two weeks. It seems those days are over…for now.

Cerulean and violent red, inspired by the ocean itself.

Pins and Needles Turtleneck (UrbanOutfitters) , BDG Super Flare Jeans (I hemmed them because girl, I can’t handle a flare), Knee-high Black Socks (Brandy Melville, Chelsea Boots (Bamboo)

God Save My Shoes

I won two tickets through twitter (yes….through twitter) to attend the premiere of God Save My Shoes, a documentary about ducks.

Just kidding, it’s about shoes, obviously. It is “the first documentary film to explore the intimate relationship women have with their shoes.” Pretty rad. I think it’s important to note I’ve never actually won anything in my life, not even a dollar on a lottery scratch off, so I am stoked out of my mind. They’re mailing me a shoe obsession BARBIE DOLL as well. May God bless twitter.

It will be showing all week long at Quad Cinemas in NYC. 

The French man is absolutely right about the shoe obsession though “It doesn’t go through reason”. 

UPDATE ON SWIMSUIT SEARCH: VERY.COM is has a selection of incredibly dope swimsuits for an extremely affordable price. They carry such a range of styles in so many sizes. I heard word about them from GABIFRESH’s twitter, and thank god I lurked her. I suggest to check them out!

I’m in love.


Once upon I time I wanted to turn my beautiful, pure white lace tank top into a blacker than black lace tank. Well, I ruined it (of course I did) but I could never, ever bring myself to throw it away.

I knew I would some day, near or far, that it would have a purpose yet again .It has been a year since I initially ruined it, but sho’ nuf I found a use for it! Goes to show you should never throw anything away, ever. Hoard your fabrics. 

This was inspired by an LF denim jacket. I mean, I could’ve just purchased that one I suppose but sometimes things are cooler when you do it yourself.