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Lay(er) it on me.

Mixing different textures and getting the feel of all these different fabrics in my wardrobe is a really enjoyable part of getting dressed everyday. 

Today, denim on chiffon on ____? I’m not sure what this fabric is called, but the way its made gives an effect of lifting up at the edges. Also making its first appearance, my DIY lace inset denim jacket! Wahoo!

Swimsuit Season for a Fat Chick

Always makes me nervous. I’m obsessed with swimsuits. Obsessed.  With this obsession comes a down fall..

I feel like I can never find the perfect one. That one piece that makes me feel as some sort of invincible mermaid seductress. All these frilly, barely any fabric swimsuits that are incredibly cute that I could never ever feel comfy wearing (it ain’t me, if that’s you, go for it, sister) that could be perfect. But I’m not the size of the model, nor do I desire to be.

I just ordered this piece from ASOS.

And I just canceled. I realized it wouldn’t flatter me the way I wanted it do. I really loved the mesh and cornelli detailing, its incredibly hot. Sexy, even. I could totally be a babe in this swimsuit but… It just would not work out for me, the cut-out sides would unflatter my body in such a way I’d become worrisome and even fucking self conscious about the way I look which not what anything you wear, should ever do to you, y’know? This would not be the swimsuit I would become be the mermaid seductress I’ve dreamed to be . Maybe it’s all in my mind. I’m not one for following any sort of rules on my figure- I wear what I want, when I want, as long as it fits me properly. I guess I’m not a cut out swimsuit type of girl y’all. I could just be being a big baby, and come tomorrow, I’ll regret not snagging this for a mere $59, but what’s a girl to do?

Anyway, I have tried the whole, high -waist brief and bikini top look, and don’t get me wrong, I love a high-waist brief but bikini tops are incredibly annoying to me. I’m like a child, when I’m at the beach (just messin’, I’m a child all the time), bouncin’ about, and the kind of bikini tops (that are in my price range- I’m not about to drop eighty dollars for a well fitting but horrendous top) are just too flimsy and I’m flailing and then my boobs are flying and then the waves hit me and I’ve spent so much more time readjusting my suit then actually enjoying the ocean. I need sustainability in a swimsuit.

So I’ve decided to say, “Fuck it.” This year will be the year I try a one piece. 

Items featured: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Moonwalker by BlackMilk, Wildfox Rose Print Swimsuit, American Apparel’s Malibu Swimsuit

And probably more bikini tops and high waisted bottoms. Just in case, y’know? Whatever.

Dreaming in Floral

I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but I love me some floral print. I love me a lot of floral print. So I give into my obsession time and time again (I can’t tell if the amount of florals I have is 1) Shameful or 2) Shameful) and even when I conjure outfits up in my mind, the floral is still there. I love the romantic touch floral adds to any outfit. It makes it more ethereal.

For a day when you’re dreaming in florals.

Items Featured: American Apparel Burnt Sienna Leather Strap Watch, House of Direon Studded Bustier (, American Apparel Leather Zip Clutch, Grunge Floral Print Maxi Skirt (


This is one of my favorite looks I had all winter. It was the month of February, with weather not quite like the dreary winter New York City is accustomed to. For once, you could actually see the sun in the middle of winter. And there wasn’t tons and tons of snow. Or rain. Just sun and cold air which I will say, and on the behalf of the rest of the city, we were all really thankful for.

I really enjoyed the range of colors in this out fit. The deep gray, the ultraviolet purple, baby pink, and snow white complimented each other really well when used in the right amount. I slipped my hair back into a high slick pony-tail and slapped on a vampy red lipstick (Nars’ velvet matte DAMNED to be exact). Easy breezy fun outfit. Love love love.

NOTE: These aren’t the same exact items that I wore, but they are very similar. The jacket is the same style, but not print.

Items I wore: American Apparel Crop Top, Brandy Melville Maxi Skirt, Deeny & Ozzy Wedges, Invicta Casual Watch, Aritzia Dauphine Jacket, Brandy Melville Circle Scarf

Items featured: Motel Top Tilly Pink (, Mulberry tulle and silk maxi skirt (, Steven Madden, Pandora Pure Watch (, Aritzia Dauphine Jacket (