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Once upon I time I wanted to turn my beautiful, pure white lace tank top into a blacker than black lace tank. Well, I ruined it (of course I did) but I could never, ever bring myself to throw it away.

I knew I would some day, near or far, that it would have a purpose yet again .It has been a year since I initially ruined it, but sho’ nuf I found a use for it! Goes to show you should never throw anything away, ever. Hoard your fabrics. 

This was inspired by an LF denim jacket. I mean, I could’ve just purchased that one I suppose but sometimes things are cooler when you do it yourself. 


I had a pair of lavender Levi cords from last summer that I ruined during freshman orientation. I was sprayed by paint for my school’s “Tribute to McQueen: A Fashion Show.”  It was a reference to his S/S 1999 Fashion show, in which a model was sprayed by mechanical robot with paint.  

I decided to do what anyone in their right mind would do, I took bleach to ‘em and waited for the results.

I have shitty blackberry camera quality, but don’t they look so dreamy

I absolutely love how they turned out!

Picture this: bike riding, the beach, sunny weather, a bandeau and these high waisted beauties.

Almost magical. Come, join me in a land of bleached corduroy shorts.