Delicia, Delicia

Obsessing over this song. It’s sung by a Brazilian artist, Michel Telo. The song is so catchy as is the dance.

 This is one of the songs that should be on your summer mix, for by the pool, in the car, pretending you’re brazilian and having a sing-a-long! At work, after the store is closed we always blast latin american music- our forbidden fruit during our laborous hours- and this is definitely a store favorite!

I hope to one day wear a gown like this. No, I will wear one like this! 

now that finals are over..

hi guys.

ignore my serious face! Ah!

I really loved this outfit- transitional & casual. I could wear it any season really. It’s just perfect for a late night dinner or drinks. I wore this for the last weekend I was in NYC- now I’m back in Charlotte for a month or two until I head back for good! 

I’m working on this  film project that should be ready in about two weeks or so, and I’m really really excited about it. Wahooooo. Fashion and film. These are a few of my fav-or-ite things!

hair love h41r l0v3 hurr luv hair love.

The past couple of months have been a hair adventure for me. As a hispanic girl, hair is a big fuckin’ deal. One does not just dip dye their hair. One does just does not bleach their hair. One just does not go to the beach and get their hair wet.

You see us all around, covering our hair in bags, in tubies,protecting it from the elements. So this semester I’ve been a little more carefree with my hair to the dismay of my mother 

I ombre’d it myself (and had a hideous orange dead hair stage). Here’s me trying to hide the deadness of my hair in a ponytail braid.

 And then I bleached it again and died the middle brown and it looked FABULOUS.

 But then I was all “I want colored hair. NOW” The freedom of having blonde tips was too temping for me. I needed to take advantage of it. I was dreaming of putting pink, purple, blue - any color I possibly could.

My first mission was purple and it came out more blue than the purple it said it would be. Then I got annoyed. And then I got bored. And now I’m back to black and happier then ever!

It’s so amazing to me how hair can change a mood or the complete look of a person. I feel so different when I wear my hair curly vs straight, and especially with the ombre and colored hair, I felt different too!